Toyokiyo (1799 - 1820 )

Toyokiyo Utagawa was an ukiyo-e artist active during the early 19th century. As the son of Toyohiro Utagawa, Toyokiyo began his training under his father before beginning his tutelage under Toyokuni Utagawa. He completed his first known work, illustrations for a novel, when he was only 10 years old. While his early works are signed "Kinzo" at age 14, he received the artist name "Toyokiyo" from the artist Toyoharu Utagawa. Though a promising talent, his career was cut short. He died at the age of 22. Toyokiyo Utagawa's known works include illustrated books, surimono, portraits of beautiful women, and a series of the Eight Views of Omi.

Japanese Woodblock Prints (1800 - 1868)