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Ronin Gallery and Globus Washitsu are pleased to announce that Asako Iwasawa has been selected as the winner of the 2018 Ronin|Globus Artist-in-Residence Program. As artist-in-residence, she will be the featured artist in Ronin Gallery’s summer exhibition, Contemporary Talents of Japan: Kacho Fugetsu. In addition, she will receive up-to-a-one month stay at Globus Washitsu in central Manhattan, a stipend, and transportation between Tokyo and NYC. During her time in New York, Asako Iwasawa will also be invited to use Brooklyn Botanic Garden as inspiration and as an en plein air studio. Ryo Shinagawa was named first runner up, and several of his works will also be featured in the exhibition Contemporary Talents of Japan. Finalists included Kotaro Isobe, Mitsuki Noguchi, Megumi Yamaura, and Kei Kato.

2018 Artist-in-residence

Asako Iwasawa

Asako Iwasawa is a contemporary Japanese painter from Akabane, Tokyo. She graduated from Tama Art University’s Textile Design course before managing Design Studio Himiko. She later discovered a passion for kimono design and worked at the batik studio Kimono Studio Dye Laboratory. Iwasawa spent 10 years living as a farmer in the countryside, indulging her love for nature. Though she returned to the city, she brought the vivid world of insects, plants, and natural beauty back with her. In her words, “nature is full of thrills and wonders...it impresses me to no end and fuels my imagination...I aspire to portray the mysterious shapes and colors of nature, what we see and don’t see.” Iwasawa looks beyond the physical reality of the natural world and portrays the spirit of nature in her paintings. As she treads the boundary between imagination and landscape, she challenges her viewers’ sense of place. She received an honorable mention in the 2017 Ronin | Globus Artist-in-Residence program.

First Runner Up

Ryo Shinagawa


Kotaro Isobe
Megumi Yamaura
Kei Kato
Mitsuki Noguchi

About the Program

Following a highly successful second year, Ronin Gallery and Globus Washitsu are excited to announce the next Ronin | Globus Artist-in-Residence Program is scheduled for May 2018. Open to Japanese artists, this annual program seeks to stimulate cross-cultural dialogue by providing the opportunity for Japanese visual artists to live, work and exhibit in New York City. The selected Artist-in-Residence will be the featured artist in Ronin Gallery’s exhibition, Contemporary Talents of Japan. In addition, they will receive a two to three week stay at Globus Washitsu in central Manhattan, a $1000 cash stipend, and a round-trip ticket between Tokyo and NYC. There will be recognition of first and second runners up. A portion of the exhibition proceeds will be donated to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Kacho Fugetsu

In Japanese, the term “kacho fugetsu” consists of the kanji for “flower,” “bird,” “wind” and “moon,” and it refers to “the beauties of nature.” The most exquisite expressions of Japanese culture have been rooted in a profound love and respect for the natural world. The tradition of katchofugetsu, which is most simply the depiction of flora and fauna during the four seasons, has a long visual and literary history that extends into the contemporary moment. The theme of this years program invites artists to re-interpret this concept in a contemporary view.

Meet Our Sponsors

Ronin Gallery Logo

The Ronin Gallery is the leading family-owned Japanese and East Asian art gallery in New York City. It is home to the largest private collection of 17th-21st century Japanese prints for sale in the United States, as well as many works by Japan’s and East Asia’s contemporary talents.

Globus Logo

The Globus Family has long been associated with cultural interchange between Japan and United States. They have sponsored events at eminent institutions including Japan Society and Asia Society. Their scope spans dance, theater, cinema, art, craft, and performance groups. Globus Washitsu is a venue to spark the expression, knowledge, and wonderment that arise from dialogue between Japan and the United States.

Spoon and Tamago Logo

Spoon & Tamago is a Japanese arts and culture blog that spans the categories of fine art and architecture, to product and graphic design. It was founded by Johnny Strategy in 2007 as a means of attracting international attention to the Japanese art and design scene, and is currently based out of New York City and Tokyo.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Logo

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an urban botanic garden that connects people to the world of plants, fostering delight and curiosity while inspiring an appreciation and sense of stewardship of the environment. In the Garden, in its community, and well beyond, BBG inspires people of all ages through the conservation, display, and enjoyment of plants; with educational programs that emphasize learning by doing; and with research focused on understanding and conserving regional plants and plant communities.

Kyoto University of Art and Design

Founded in 1977, Kyoto University of Art and Design is one of the leading art and design universities in Japan. The university has 13 departments and covers almost all areas of art and design, excluding the field of music. In the school’s 40 years of history, many graduates have gone on and actively contributed to their areas of art and design both in and outside of Japan. Notable alumni of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts include Aiko Miyanaga, Taro Yamamoto, Daisuke Ohba, among others.

Jury Team

Yukie Kamiya
Director of Japan Society Gallery

Tan Boon Hui
Director of the Asia Society Museum

Katsura Yamaguchi
Senior vice president and international director of Japanese and Korean Art at Christie's New York

Miwako Tezuka
Consulting curator for Reversible Destiny Foundation, Co-director of PoNJA-GenKon

Johnny Strategy
Founder and editor of Spoon & Tamago Japanese arts and culture blog

Kimiko Lupfer
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Trustee

Yasuko Harris
Former gallery director at Honjo Gallery in Tokyo, Japan

Nachi Das
Art collector and capital market executive

Mary Ann Roos
Art collector and philanthropist

Program Ambassadors

Kouji Hayashi
Sato Sakura Museum, Manager

Hiroko Ishinabe
One Piece Club, Founder

Akiyo Yagyu
Project manager of Artothèque, assistant curator

Noburu Tsubaki
Contemporary artist, professor, regional director of Setouchi International Art Festival

Katsutoshi Yuasa
2017 Ronin | Globus Artist in Residence

Everett Brown
Japanese culture promoter, writer and photographer

Oz Yamaguchi Keisuke
2016 Ronin | Globus Artist in Residence

Kyoko Sato
Independent Curator, Art Consultant

Joji Mita
Global Art Management Advisor

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