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Herbert Libertson

Chairman | Co-Founder

Herbert Libertson is the chairman and co-founder of Ronin Gallery. He believes that to master the art of living we must live with art and, to that end, he has traveled to over 150 countries on six continents collecting works of art. He purchased his first Japanese prints in the early 1960s from the Frank Lloyd Wright collection and was immediately captivated by the art form. In 1975 he established Ronin Gallery with Roni Neuer to share their passion with others.

Herbert started his business career in 1962 and was involved in such New York real estate developments as the Decorator and Design Building, the Architects and Design Building, and the Manhattan Art and Antiques Center. In addition to his profession both in real estate and art, Herbert is a fellow of the Explorers Club of America and the Royal Geographic Society. His accomplishments in this area include leading four expeditions carrying the Explorers Club flag and making a first contact in Indonesian New Guinea. Herbert is also a private pilot, a cross-country horseman, a black belt in karate and a sculptor with his work in numerous international museums.

Roni Neuer

Executive Director & Co-founder | rn@roningallery.com

Roni Neuer is the co-founder of Ronin Gallery and an expert in 17th through 21st century Japanese prints. She is the author of over forty exhibition catalogues and Ukiyo-e: 250 Years of Japanese Art, a 500-page history of Japanese prints. As executive director, Roni is involved in nearly every aspect of the gallery, from exhibition curation to consignments. Her interest in the art has h3ned a career of over 40 years.

Growing up in a family of art lovers, her father was one of the early cartoonists for Walt Disney Co. Following her graduation from Hofstra University, Roni worked as an art teacher in New York City for more than five years. In 1975, she and Herbert Libertson founded Ronin Gallery in the Explorers Club Mansion. Roni has traveled the world on exploratory expeditions connecting with indigenous peoples. In 1980, her photographs from these trips were exhibited at the Nikon House in Rockefeller Center.

David Taro Libertson

President | dtl@roningallery.com

David Taro Libertson is the president and second-generation owner of Ronin Gallery. Since assuming responsibility for the gallery in 2012, he has stressed three priorities: curatorial excellence, accessibility and education. By combining traditional gallery charm with innovative digital marketing, he aims to create a personal art experience for each and every collector, whether online or in the gallery.

David received his MBA from Boston University, where he graduated with high honors. A graduate of The College of William and Mary, he remains an active alumnus and served two terms on the Board of Directors of the Muscarelle Museum of Art. He has hosted seminars on Japanese art for numerous universities and institutions, including both NYU and Columbia University. He is a member of the Japanese Art Society of America and Ukiyo-e Dealers Association of Japan.

Madison Folks

Gallery Director | madison@roningallery.com

Madison joined Ronin Gallery in 2014. She is in charge of gallery scholarship, cataloging, and collection management, as well as co-curation with Roni Neuer. Born in Atlanta, Madison earned her BA in Art History from Oberlin College. In 2019, she graduated with Master's degrees in both Art History and Information Science from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Her art history thesis, “Adaptation and Aspiration: Constructing Modern Japan through Ideological Combat in Satsuma Rebellion Prints,” examined the battle for public opinion waged in woodblock prints during the rebellion. Her information science thesis, “Assessing Collection Silence: Access to Japanese Woodblock Prints at Twenty-Two American University Museums,” questioned the unintended narratives that unfold through the organization and accessibility of Japanese print collections.

Travis Suzaka

Creative Director | travis@roningallery.com

Travis joined Ronin Gallery in 2013. He is in charge of marketing, visual design and creative content. In addition, he oversees exhibition design as well as digital systems administration. Born and raised in Seattle, Travis completed his undergraduate work in International Communication and Japanese at the University of Washington and a Master's in design for social impact at Paris College of Art.

Valentina Vidusin

Gallery Associate, Gallery Photographer | val@roningallery.com

Valentina joined Ronin Gallery team in 2018. In addition to being the gallery photographer she oversees shipping, framing and exhibition logistics. Originally from New Jersey, Valentina graduated from New York’s School of Visual Arts with a BFA in photography and video. She discovered her interest in gallery operations and art archives during an internship in digital collections at the Brooklyn Museum.

Arya Bark

Chief Canine Officer

Arya joined Ronin Gallery in 2020 as our Chief Canine Officer and Emotional Support Supervisor. She has a penchant for Kuniyoshi and is here to make sure every collector is greeted enthusiastically!

Want to join our team?

We’re always looking for talented individuals who share our passion for the art. Contact us at ronin@roningallery.com to learn about open opportunities.