Kuniyoshi: Edo Provinces in Brocade Style

Kuniyoshi: Edo Provinces in Brocade Style View Works

In direct contrast to the peaceful views of a scenic Japan provided by Hiroshige and Hokusai, the following decades saw a rise of the fierce, fearsome and fantastical in ukiyo-e art. Kuniyoshi welcomed this changing public taste. He had a ravenous imagination and the full scope of Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s prints reveal an aesthetic sensibility capable of assimilating almost any experience. No doubt, however, his particular genius felt most at home in the world of martial glory, where epic battles decided the fate of empires and fierce warriors clashed to the death. Kuniyoshi’s woodblock prints were so popular in his time that he received requests for tattoo designs. Ronin Gallery is proud to present a collection of Kuniyoshi’s gorgeous Edo woodblock prints in the brocade style.

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Kuniyoshi (1797-1861)
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