Tokuriki, Tomikichiro (1902-2000) View Works

Tomikichiro Tokuriki 徳力富吉郎 was one of the early founders of the modern woodblock print movement. He represented the 12th generation of a Kyoto artisan family designated as the official Kyoto print artists for the famous Honganji Temple. He graduated from the Kyoto City School of Fine Arts and Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting in 1924. After World War II, he established the Matsukyu Publishing Company to produce and distribute his own prints and other Shin and Sosaku Hanga pieces. Tokuriki has been a major impetus behind Japan's contemporary print movement.  He was the official artist of the Honganji Temple, and his work has been commissioned for various temples throughout Japan, including the famous shrines at Ise. His prints are in the permanent collections of the Museum Fine Arts Boston and the Museum of Modern Art New York.

Exhibitions for this artist

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