Brown, Everett (1959 - Present)


Medium: Photography
Date: 2011
Size (H x W): 14 x 18 (inches)
Edition: 20-Jan
Signature: Everett Kennedy Brown
Condition: Very Fine Condition



The prints are made with mineral inks on paper made by washi craftsman and Japanese National Treasure recipient, Ichibei Iwano.

About the artist

Born in Washington D.C. in 1959, Everett Brown is a photographer who has worked in Japan for the past 27 years. He is a recipient of the Japanese Government’s Cultural Commissioner’s Award for his promotion of Japanese culture through Everett Brown's work as a modern photographic artist and author on cultural theory in Japanese. He is a master of the classic photographic technique known as wet plate collodion. Brown has enjoyed solo exhibitions of his photography in galleries and museums since 1988. His work have been featured on TED talks, CNN Style, NHK Television and various publications such as National Geographic, French GEO and Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine. Everett Kennedy Brown lives in the summer villa of the early 20th century painter Kansetsu Hashimoto outside Kyoto, where he also writes books in Japanese on cultural affairs. “For me,” Brown states, “life in Japan is a long and ever-deepening love affair with place and culture.”