Hao, Boyi (1938 - Present)

Lunar Year Green

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: 1985
Size (H x W): 31 x 24 (inches)
Seals: Boyi
Edition: 6/30
Provenance: From a European Collection
Signature: Hao Boyi
Condition: Very good color, impression and state, light toning and wear on margins.

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About the artist

A principal artist of the Bei Da Huang Art School, Hao Boyi's prints capture the unique landscape and animal inhabitants of this remote Northeastern province. Since the 1950s, the Bei Da Huang region has been transitioning into an active agricultural area. Through velvety saturation, earthy browns, and fleeting pastels, Hao Boyi's prints reveal the life that now thrives in what was once considered a wasteland of China. He has won many awards, both in China and abroad, and now serves as the director of the China Artists Association.