Sakai, Doitsu (1845 - 1913)

In the Rain

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: c. 1900
Size (H x W): 10.75 x 9.5 (inches)
Signature: Uge
Condition: Very good color, impression and state



Possibly same artist as Seiko Okuhara (1837- 1913).

About the artist

Doitsu Sekai was 19th-century Rinpa painter and the fourth generation head of the Uge-an, the painting studio established by Hoitsu Sakai (1761-1828). The son of Sodo Yamamoto, Doitsu studied under both the Korin-style painter Hoitsu Sakai and his student Shin'ichi Nozaki (1821-1899). He took the Sakai name when he was adopted by Ohitsu Sakai. Doitsu is also known as Doitsu Uge. During the Meiji period, woodblock prints were printed after of Doitsu's paintings.