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Medium: Books & Catalogs
Date: 2014
Size (H x W): 8.5 x 11 (inches)

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53 page full-color exhibition catalogue, including 46 illustrations

Ronin Gallery is pleased to present a very special exhibition of selected masterpiece landscapes by Hiroshige. From majestic landscapes to lively street scenes, Hiroshige's portrayal of the Japanese landscape not only illustrates the beauty of Japan during the four seasons, but also the dynamic life of the people who lived there. His prints are known universally for their daring and dramatic compositions that influenced the Impressionists and changed the course of Western art. Monet was so entranced by the "Kameido Bridge" print, within the 100 Views of Edo series, that he built a drum bridge in the garden of his home and depicted it in his famed painting "Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies." Toulouse-Lautrec was fascinated with Hiroshige's daring diagonal compositions and inventive use of perspective and Whistler painted a series entitled "The Nocturnes" inspired by Hiroshige's "Kyobashi Bridge." Van Gogh owned over 25 Hiroshige prints and literally copied  both the "Plum Garden at Kameido" and "Sudden Shower at Ohashi Bridge."


About the artist

Ronin Gallery releases multiple limited edition exhibition catalogues a year. Complete with full-color images, thematic essays, and artist biographies, Ronin Gallery catalogues accompany featured in-gallery exhibitions. From parallel pleasure cultures of Edo and Paris, to the forbidden world of the Japanese tattoo, our catalogues invite you to explore connections and revisit the exhibition again and again.