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Ronin Gallery Catalogue & Poster (1975 - Present)

Hideo Takeda: World Night Tours & The First Genpei

Medium: Books & Catalogs
Date: 2014
Size (H x W): 8.5 x 11 (inches)

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47 page full-color exhibition catalogue, including 46 illustrations

Ronin Gallery is exceptionally pleased to present a very special exhibition of the work of Hideo Takeda, featuring humorous and surreal hand-colored original drawings from the World Night Tours series (2012), and the bold, graphic silkscreen prints from his most well known collection, the Genpei series (1985). As one of Japan’s most important creative minds, Takeda’s art invariably speaks to audiences worldwide. Over his long career, Takeda has inhabited multiple identities and worked with innumerable media. Along with countless exhibitions worldwide, his work was featured in a one-man show at the British Museum, entitled Takeda Hideo and the Japanese Cartoon Tradition. His art is firmly rooted in the creative potential inherent in crossing boundaries and the freedom that comes with the refusal to be categorized. As a satirist, cartoonist, printmaker, photographer, illustrator, comedian and provocateur, the only persistent qualities of Takeda’s artistic output are flexibility, adaptation and surprise.



About the artist

Ronin Gallery releases multiple limited edition exhibition catalogues a year. Complete with full-color images, thematic essays, and artist biographies, Ronin Gallery catalogues accompany featured in-gallery exhibitions. From parallel pleasure cultures of Edo and Paris, to the forbidden world of the Japanese tattoo, our catalogues invite you to explore connections and revisit the exhibition again and again.