Toshimine (c. 1863-1934) View Works

Born Tsutsui Yuzo in Hyogo prefecture, Toshimine worked as a kuchi-e artist during the Meiji period. Kuchi-e, literally “mouth pictures,” refers to prints designed as front pieces for books or literary magazines. These works often portrayed delicate and romantic bijin (beautiful women) printed with elegant and meticulous technique. A student of the famous Yoshitoshi, Toshimine produced prints for novels such as Fukuchi Ochi’s Toshima Storm (Toshima arashi, 1895) and Izumi Kyoka’s Kanmuri Yazaemon (1896). He also contributed twelve prints to the literary magazine Bungei kurabu and regularly designed for a second magazine, Jiji shinpo, from 1894 till the close of the Meiji period.

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