Magers, Michael (1976 - Present)

Untitled Sumo, 2012

Medium: Photography
Date: 2023
Size (H x W): 17 x 13 (inches)
Edition: 2/5
Signature: M.P. Magers
Condition: Very fine



“February 2012, Tokyo–This image is from my first trip to Japan with the legendary Tokyo Fixer, Shinji Nohara at a sumo stable – I took these photos at practice. It is hard to overstate the speed and agility at which these big bodies can move. There is a grace to sumo that seems to defy physics.”

- Michael Magers

About the artist

Born in Dallas in 1976, Michael Magers is a documentary photographer and journalist whose work takes him all over the world. From deep dives into international food cultures to intimate views into the ateliers of traditional artisans, Magers imbues each photograph with a story. In 2013, he stepped back from a corporate career to hone a more creative life and pursue his passion for photography. Based between New York City and Austin, Texas, Michael Magers is a frequent collaborator with the highly acclaimed team at Roads & Kingdoms and served as the lead photographer on their award-winning travel books Rice Noodle Fish (2015) and Grape Olive Pig (2016) published by Harper Collins/Anthony Bourdain. His work has been exhibited internationally–from Cuba to Japan, Paris to New York–and appeared in a wide range of digital and print publications including TIME, Smithsonian, CNN, and The Washington Post, to name just a few. In 2019, he released his first monograph, Independent Mysteries, a selection images from his years on the road juxtaposed with original writing from his friends and collaborators.