Fukuda, Heihachiro (1892 - 1974)

Three Peaches

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: c. 1960
Size (H x W): 12.5 x 17.75 (inches)
Publisher: Mikumo Mokuhansha
Seals: artists's seal, Mikumo
Edition: 165/300
Signature: Heihachiro (artist), Mikumo (publisher), Fukuda Heihachiro saku (embossed towards right edge)
Condition: Very good color, impression and state, very small spot near bottom edge.


About the artist

Heihachiro Fukuda was a 20th-century nihonga painter and designer. He completed a commissioned in the Tokyo Imperial Palace and his work can be found in the Osaka City Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, and the Menard Museum. The Kyoto publisher Mikumo Mokuhansha produced woodblock prints of his designs.