Kotozuka, Eiichi (1906 - 1979)


Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: c. 1950s
Size (H x W): 17.75 x 11.3 (inches)
Publisher: Uchida
Seals: Koto (artist seal), Uchida han, kin fukusei uchida han
Condition: Very good color and impression, very slight soiling and wear on margins, Uchida watermark in bottom right margin.

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About the artist

Eiichi Kotozuka was a 20th century printmaker and painter. Born in Osaka, he attended Kyoto Technical School of Painting. After graduation in 1930, he exhibited with Western-style art association Shun’yokai and the state-sponsored Teiten. He joined the Japan Print Association in 1938 and helped found Seriyusha, an artist’s association. In 1948, he joined Tomikichiro Tokuriki, Tobei Kamei and Tasaburo Takahashi in founding Koryokusha, through which they published their prints in the Sosaku Hanga style. Following WWII, Kotozuka produced prints for Uchida Publishing, illustrated the children’s book Kaguyahime, and contributed to collaborative series with the co-founders of Koryokusha, such as Fifty Kinds of Flowers with Kamei and Tokuriki, and Twenty-Four Views In and Out of Kyoto with Kamei.