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Kiyomitsu (1735 - 1785)

Shoki the Demon Queller

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: c. 1765?
Size (H x W): 12.5 x 5.75 (inches)
Provenance: Grace F. Wickes and Gertrude Wickes Snellenberg Collection
Signature: Torii Kiyomitsu ga
Condition: Good color and impression, soiling and wear, small restorations near left center edge, faint staining on corners, collector's notes on reverse.

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About the artist

Kiyomitsu Torii was a prominent 18th century ukiyo-e printmaker and painter. The son and student of Kiyonobu II, Kiyomitsu was the third-generation head of the Torii School. He is best known for his actor prints and bijin-ga (pictures of beautiful women), though he also illustrated some novels and theater programs.