Miyashita, Tokio (1930 - 2011)

Scrap Symphony No.1

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: c. 1980
Size (H x W): 20.1 x 27 (inches)
Seals: 10/35
Provenance: West Coast Estate
Signature: Tokio Miyashita
Condition: Very good color and impression, light soiling and wear, toning on reverse

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Miyashita worked with multiple printmaking techniques such as woodblock, intaglio, and photoengraving. He achieved his distinctive rugged lines by soldering wire to the printing plate.

About the artist

Born in Tokyo in 1930, Tokio Miyashita is considered a master of Japanese post-war printmaking. While he originally studied literature, he devoted his career to printmaking. The student of Japanese woodblock print masters Junichiro Sekino and Un'ichi Hiratsuka, Tokio Miyashita explored many techniques, but favored the woodblock. His works can be found in prestigious collections such as the British Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.