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Fang, Limin (1964 - Present)

Capriccio of the Four Seasons No. 1

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: May 1996
Size (H x W): 19.75 x 25.5 (inches)
Edition: V, 10/50
Signature: Fang Limin
Condition: Very good color, impression and state.


About the artist

Fang Limin is a contemporary printmaker best known for his abstract compositions. Born in Quzhou in Zhejiang province, Fang attended China National Academy of Fine Art’s School of Education (1989) and their woodblock print program (1999). After graduation, he took a teaching position in the academy's printmaking department. In 1997, Fang was one of the 60 Chinese Contemporary printmakers selected for the Muban Foundation collection in London, the first effort to introduce these artists to a Western audience. He served as the vice director of the printmaking department at the China National Academy of Fine Arts.