Toyohiro (1773 - 1828)

Bats and New Moon

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: c. 1810
Size (H x W): 12.75 x 2.75 (inches)
Signature: Toyohiro ga
Condition: Good color, impression and state, light rubbing and wear bottom edge.



An rare and unusual, but provocative subject, Toyohiro features two small black bats against an evening sky in this dynamic monochrome print. Toyohiro was an ukiyo-e artist and painter, who studied along side Toyokuni I, under the tutelage of Toyoharu during the end of the 18th century. Hiroshige was a prodigy of Toyohiro’s, and both artists are particularly known for their mastery of landscapes and nature prints.

About the artist

Toyohiro was born and raised in Edo and entered the studio of Toyoharu alongside his contemporary Toyokuni in 1782. Studying both ukiyo-e and Kano painting, Toyohiro worked mostly in the hosoban (long and narrow prints) and surimono (privately commissioned, lavishly printed small-scale prints) formats. He was also an innovator in the landscape print genre. An elegant and graceful artist, Toyohiro is best known for his role as a teacher of the famous landscape printer, Hiroshige.