Fudo Myoo

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Fudo Myoo
Woodblock Print
Early/Late Heian Period (Early Buddhist works were usually unmarked therefore the dating is attributed)
19" x 13"
Good impression, some stains and small holes due to age

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About the art

Similar work in the Honolulu Museum of Art  "This remarkable print consists of one hundred images of the Esoteric deity Fudö Myö-ö, one of the Five Kings of Wisdom. The print was made by stamping small images of Fudö in ten horizontal registers. Each image depicts Fudö seated in meditation on a low platform. He carries a sword and a rope noose in his hands and has a terrifying expression. His function in the Esoteric pantheon is to destroy impediments that lie in the path to Enlightenment, and he is worshiped for his ability to control disease, subdue enemies, and to assist in the acquisition of wealth and peace. (from Pathway exhibition 1/29/08-) "

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