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Taniguchi, Kokyo (1864 - 1915)

Spirit of the Heron Maiden

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: 1918
Size (H x W): 17 x 10.75 (inches)
Publisher: Sato Shotaro
Seals: Artist's seal Kokyo in
Signature: Kokyo
Condition: Good color and impression, lightly toned, light soiling on margins, small tear on bottom edge.



Taniguchi Kokyo (1864-1915) did the drawing for this print in 1902, however, according to sources it was published by Sato in 1918. Print illustrated in Taisho Chic (p. 104).

About the artist

A student of Bairei Kono, Kokyo Taniguchi was a painter. While best known as a painter of kacho-e (bird-and-flower pictures) and landscapes, he designed some prints in the Shin Hanga style. Kokyo was actively involved in Kyoto’s art institutions and art education. A co-founder of the Kyoto-school, Kokyo taught at the Kyoto College of Fine Arts and the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine Arts and Crafts. He was also involved at the national level, serving as a juror as well as a participant in the state-sponsored Bunten.