Yu, Chengyou (1953 - Present)

Moonlight at Wetland

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: 1999
Size (H x W): 27.5 x 31.25 (inches)
Edition: A.P
Provenance: From a European Collection
Signature: Yu Chengyou
Condition: Very good color and impression, light creasing, surface soiling left margin, small nick on bottom margin.

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About the artist

Yu Chengyou, born in Shandong province, is one of today’s most popular Chinese printmakers at home and abroad. His early prints create a strongly traditional atmosphere as he depicts vases, bowls, and fans against a backdrop of calligraphic classical poetry. Since 2000, Yu Chengyou’s focus has shifted to the natural beauty of the Chinese landscape. Yu Chengyou has since created many beautiful traditional landscape prints. He serves as deputy director of the Heilongjiang Province Art Museum and is a member of the China Artists Association.