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Kuniyasu (1794 - 1832)

Kabuki Actor Segawa Kikunojo

Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: c. 1825
Size (H x W): 15 x 10.25 (inches)
Publisher: Matsugen
Seals: Kiwame
Signature: Kuniyasu ga
Condition: Very good color and impression, light soiling and wear.

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About the artist

Kuniyasu was born in Edo and studied under Toyokuni. His artist name was Kuniyasu, though for a brief period around 1811 he used the name Yasunobu Nishikawa before resuming his old name. Kuniyasu's work concentrates on Kabuki actors (yakusha-e), privately commissioned works (surimono) and beautiful women (bijin-ga). Kuniyasu's prints can now be found in collections and exhibitions around the world, such as those of the Tokyo National Museum and the British Museum.