Zhang, Yuanfeng (1984 - Present)


Series: Beginnings
Medium: Ink Painting
Date: 2014
Size (H x W): 18.25 x 18.5 (inches)
Seals: Zhang
Provenance: From Artist's Studio
Signature: Zhang Yuanfeng
Condition: Very fine condition


About the artist

Born in 1984, Zhang Yuanfeng is a rising artist in China’s prospering art scene. Zhang graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts with a B.A in 2008 and a M.A in 2011. With her imagination and mastery of traditional techniques, she is well known for her Chinese brush paintings, particularly for her humorous and abstract depictions of fragile, yet inexhaustible insects. Her Chinese brush paintings have been exhibited in various galleries, museums, and biennials in China and abroad.