Nishimoto, Yuki (1988 - Present)


Medium: Ink Painting
Date: 2017
Size (H x W): 13.75 x 10.5 (inches)
Signature: Nishimoto Yuki
Conditon: Very Fine Condition

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About the artist

Born in Kagoshima in 1988, Yuki Nishimoto is a contemporary Japanese artist working in Tokyo. After teaching himself sumi-e painting, Nishimoto broke away from the limitations of traditional techniques. He uses sumi-e technique to capture contemporary Japanese culture. He states, “my work reflects the ‘lively movements’ of the unique world of black and white sumi-e, incorporating bold, fine, and delicate lines.” Nishimoto also brings an element of performance to his paintings, frequently creating his bold works in front of an audience. Nishimoto’s work has earned him wide acclaim. In 2012, he received the World’s Best Piece Award at Florida’s Embracing Our Differences contest. Two years later, he performed a live painting in Hong Kong that later sold at Christie’s. In 2015, he exhibited his work at the Kyushu National Museum’s 10th anniversary exhibition.