Sensō-e: Sino-Japanese War Triptychs

Sensō-e: Sino-Japanese War Triptychs View Works

Sensō-e, literally "war prints," reached the height of popularity during the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895). These prints fulfilled a journalistic function as well as a sensational one, serving as a nationalistic propaganda platform. Ronin Gallery is pleased to present a collection of 20 Sino-Japanese War triptychs by such renowned Meiji artists as Kiyochika, Gekko, and Toshikata. Most of these artists never witnessed the war, freeing them to imagine the glory of military victory. Brimming with nationalistic fervor, these Japanese war prints fostered a new cultural awareness.

Artists for this exhibition

Gekko (1859-1920)
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Toshikata (1866-1908)
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Kiyochika (1847-1915)
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