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Eastern Inspiration

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The turn of the 20th century was a period of fascination with East Asian cultures in the Western world. This surge of interest resulted in American and European print artists traveling to study, live and work in Japan. Ronin Gallery is pleased to present a collection of prints by the early 20th century artists Elizabeth Keith, Bertha Lum, Helen Hyde, Paul Jacoulet, Willie Seilber and Cyrus Baldridge. These Japanese-inspired artworks present an idyllic view of Eastern customs, traditions, and famous sites as viewed through western eyes.

Artists for this exhibition

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Bartlett, Charles (1860-1940)
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Baldridge, Cyrus LeRoy (1889-1977)
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Hyde, Helen (1868-1919)
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Lum, Bertha (1869-1954)
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Keith, Elizabeth (1887-1956)
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