In the Gallery - The 100 Views of the Moon: Yoshitoshi

Last Friday, we celebrated the opening of The 100 Views of the Moon: Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) beneath the light of the harvest moon. Regarded as the last of the great masters of ukiyo-e, Yoshitoshi’s career spanned an era of cultural and economic transformation. He worked in a Japan undergoing rapid change, straddling the domains of the old, feudal systems and the new, modern world. This exceptional series provides a glimpse into the mind of an eccentric genius, welcoming the viewer into an enchanted place where reality fades imperceptibly into illusion. Ronin Gallery is pleased to present this groundbreaking series in its entirety.


In 1885, Yoshitoshi began the celebrated series 100 Views of the Moon. Culled from early chapters of ancient and mythical folklore, 19th century culture, and classical poetry, this series preserves the rich cultural legacy of Japan. The prints in this series range from scenes of fierce battles to serene beauty - all illuminated by the moon in the four seasons. Though the moon is not always explicitly represented, Yoshitoshi conveys its presence, whether haunting or delicately beautiful, in each work.


Each work is printed with an expertise and eye for detail, executed with a grace, brightness, and assurance rarely found in ukiyo-e during this period. Luxurious techniques such as embossing, mercuric pigments and careful overprinting were used to create the tangible mood of each print. This combination of narrative and technical mastery draws the viewer into an eerie and mysterious domain. When viewed in its entirety, this groundbreaking series provides insight into the mind of an eccentric genius and reveals a powerful imagination at the height of its expression.


A warm thank you to all who joined us to celebrate the opening of The 100 Views of the Moon: Yoshitoshi (1839-1892). If you couldn't make it to the opening last Friday, be sure to visit this exciting exhibition before October 22nd and explore the online exhibition here.

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