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  • Catalogues & Ebooks

    The Spirit of the Block: Buddhism and the Woodblock Print

    The oldest known Buddhist print depicts a six-armed bodhisattva surrounded by Sanskrit text. Discovered in a tomb in Chengdu, China, this work dates to 757, years before the famous Diamond Sutra was
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  • Artist Spotlight | Catalogues & Ebooks

    Each Print a Prayer: Munakata and Buddhism

    Internationally revered as Japan’s greatest modern print artist, Shiko Munakata (1903 - 1975) is renowned for his expressive lines, evocative use of monochrome, and the powerful spirit of his work.
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  • Artist Spotlight | Ukiyo-e

    A Closer Look: Courtesan Wakaume from the Tamaya

    Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) is a true master of ukiyo-e. From his images of bugs to his renowned portraits of women, his works exude a subtle and elegant beauty. Starting in 1791, Utamaro focused on
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  • For Your Interest | Ukiyo-e

    Shunga: A Titillating Treasure

    Shunga, or “spring pictures,” capture a vast spectrum of sensual pleasures. From the passionate reunions of great lovers, to the excitement of clandestine affairs, these erotic prints satisfy a
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  • Artist Spotlight | Ukiyo-e

    Who is Utamaro?

    Utamaro is one of the masters of woodblock printing. Active in the late 18th century, he is renowned for his portraits of women and celebrated for his ability to subtlety capture their private lives.
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  • Artist Spotlight | Contemporary Art

    Q&A with Sebastian Masuda

    Q: Since the opening of 6%DokiDoki in 1995, you have explored your vision across stage, screen, and galleries worldwide. How has your understanding of kawaii evolved over the past two decades A:
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  • For Your Interest

    What is Kawaii?

    While often translated to “cute,” in English, this translation is a misnomer. Masuda’s definition of kawaii is distinct from that which rose in the commercial kawaii of the 1980s. Instead,
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  • Catalogues & Ebooks | Contemporary Art

    True Colors: Sebastian Masuda

    In his second New York exhibition, Sebastian Masuda invites his viewer to trade the grayscale of daily life for a movingly vibrant spectrum of color. His work refuses passive observation; it engages
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  • Contemporary Art | News and Events

    Welcome to NYC Sebastian Masuda!

    Last Thursday night, hundreds of kawaii enthusiasts and contemporary art collectors visited the gallery to welcome Sebastian Masuda to New York and celebrate the opening of True Colors: Sebastian
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  • Artist Spotlight | For Your Interest | Ukiyo-e

    A Closer Look: Jade Rabbit and Sun Wukong

    Songoku, the Monkey King, or Sun Wukong in Chinese, is the hero of the 16th century Chinese novel The Journey to the West. He was a mischievous deity whose pranks wreaked havoc in Heaven. Songoku
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