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    Got Questions? Consignment Sale Rules

    Ronin Gallery works with many clients on a consignment basis, acting as agents in the sale of their art. Prints in a consignment sale are priced according to rarity, artist, design and condition,
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  • News and Events

    In the Gallery: After the Bath

    Last Thursday evening, Ronin Gallery offered a reprieve from the summer heat with the opening of the After the Bath. This exhibition invites you to refresh the senses with scenes from the Japanese
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  • Artist Spotlight | For Your Interest | Ukiyo-e

    Yoshitoshi's Masterpiece: The Flute Player

    Fujiwara no Yasumasa (958-1036) was a renowned musician and poet in the Heian court. He is best known for the tale of a moonlit evening, banditry, and the power of beauty.  One autumn night
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  • Artist Spotlight | News and Events | Ukiyo-e

    Hiroshige: 53 Stations of the Upright Tokaido

    Winding along the eastern coast of Japan, the Tokaido was the most traveled road during the Edo period (1603-1868). By 1689, fifty-three stations connected the eastern capital of Edo (modern Tokyo),
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  • News and Events | Ukiyo-e

    In the Gallery - Hiroshige: 53 Stations of the Upright Tokaido

    This  May, Ronin Gallery invites you to explore a familiar path from a new perspective. The exhibition Hiroshige: 53 Stations of the Upright Tokaido journeys down the most traveled road in old
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  • Artist Spotlight | Catalogues & Ebooks

    Reflecting the Spirit: Shiko Munakata (1903-1975)

    On September 5th, 1903, Shiko Munakata was born to a blacksmith in Aomori, in Northern Honshu. As one of fifteen children, he received no more than an elementary school education before joining his
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  • Artist Spotlight

    Hiroshi Yoshida: Worldly Visions

    Although widely traveled and knowledgeable of Western aesthetics, Hiroshi Yoshida maintained an allegiance to traditional Japanese techniques and traditions. He was attracted by the calmer moments of
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  • News and Events

    Spring Review: Art on Paper| Munakata and the Disciples of Buddha

    Spring is off to an exciting and busy start! We spent March 2nd through 5th at Manhattan’s Pier 36 bringing the Ronin Gallery to Art on Paper. As Asia Week began, we opened our newest exhibition,
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  • Artist Spotlight | Ukiyo-e

    A Closer Look: Courtesan Wakaume from the Tamaya

    Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) is a true master of ukiyo-e. From his images of bugs to his renowned portraits of women, his works exude a subtle and elegant beauty. Starting in 1791, Utamaro focused on
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  • For Your Interest | Ukiyo-e

    Shunga: A Titillating Treasure

    Shunga, or “spring pictures,” capture a vast spectrum of sensual pleasures. From the passionate reunions of great lovers, to the excitement of clandestine affairs, these erotic prints satisfy a
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