Shinsai (c. 1764 - 1820)

Court Dance

Series: Surimono
Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: c. 1810
Size (H x W): 7 x 5.5 (inches)
Signature: Shinsai
Condition: Very good color, impression and state, embellished with embossing


About the artist

An ukiyo-e painter and printmaker, Shinsai Ryuryukyo lived in Edo. He studied with Sori Tawaraya before becoming the student of Hokusai. Shinsai received his name from Hokusai in 1800 and soon adopted the go, or artist name, “Ryuryukyo,” an old go used by his former teacher Sori. While Shinsai illustrated books and designed single-sheet prints throughout his career, he is best known for his surimono. These lavishly printed works were commissioned for special occasions, such as the New Year or poetry competitions. Adorned with gold, silver, lacquer, embossing, and mica, no expense was spared in the production of these exquisite works. Shinsai also experimented with one-point perspective and shading in his landscape prints.