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Sell Your Art
with Ronin Gallery

Ronin Gallery works with clients worldwide to facilitate the sale of their art through either outright purchase or consignment. The valuation of a work of art is determined by many factors such as the artist, condition, state and rarity, as well as the art market at any given time. Our experts will guide you through this evaluation and create a personalized sales strategy to market your collection. Ronin Gallery is always accepting inquiries. Email photos to collections@roningallery.com to get started.

Get Started
Selling Options

If your collection meets our minimum consignment value, we will discuss an individualized agreement that defines a guaranteed price, period of consignment, and marketing strategy. The gallery will then present you with a formal consignment contract. Once both parties have executed the contract, we will begin to market your works. You can be assured that your works are protected by Ronin Gallery’s insurance throughout the duration of the consignment period.

Direct Purchase

Ronin Gallery may offer to buy your work outright. If an agreement is reached, all payments will be made immediately through check or bank transfer.

Why Work with Us?
Expertise & Experience

For nearly 50 years we have advised individuals and institutions on the collection of Japanese prints and related arts. With unrivaled art market experience and in-house experts, you can trust that your works are in good hands.

Individualized Attention

We’re with you the whole way—from photography and cataloging to marketing and shipping—our team is always here to make the process easy and transparent.

Optimal Exposure

From in-gallery and online exhibitions to social media, our reach surpasses 50,000 individuals worldwide with a specific interest in Japanese art, ensuring that your works are seen by the right collectors.

Consigning Your Art: Our Process

In order to assess your collection, we need to view images. If we have a market for your works and it meets our minimum consignment value, we will contact you regarding the next steps.

Understanding Your Goals

Together we will discuss the best possible strategy for you. Whether you want to sell quickly or want to take your time to maximize value, we’ll define the goals that will direct our marketing approach.

Tailored Strategy

From cataloging your works to marketing in-gallery and online, our team will ensure that every detail is in place as we tailor a sales strategy to your individual goals. Possible platforms include in-gallery exhibitions, weekly online exhibitions, consignment sales, auctions, and social media features.


After we have received payment in full for your sold work, you will receive a check or a direct deposit to your designated account within approximately 30 days.

Let's Get Started

1.Take Photos with Your Phone Take clear, color photos of the front and back (if possible) of your works. For best results, take your images in good light and, if possible, remove your art from the frame. The better your image, the more accurate our initial assessment.

2.Email Us Email the photos of your works along with any object history (e.g. provenance or sales history; how did the work come to be part of your collection?) and contact information (name, email, and telephone number) to collections@roningallery.com.

3.Receive a Response from a Specialist Once you submit your photos, you can expect a call or email from one of our experts to let you know if we are interested in either the purchase or consignment of your collection. If your work meets our consignment criteria, you will receive an informal evaluation and sales options. We may request further information and photographs at this time. We will answer inquiries as quickly as we can, but please be patient. Please note that preliminary estimate may be subject to change upon the physical inspection of the work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all informal evaluations are complimentary. Please note that we will only provide verbal assessments if your work meets our minimum consignment value. If it does not meet our criteria, we are happy to suggest other options.

The valuation of Japanese prints is determined by many factors - the artist, condition, state, design, rarity, and provenance, as wekk as the art market at any given time. Please note that a preliminary estimate determined from photographs may be subject to change upon the physical inspection of the item.

Our estimates are verbal, informal evaluations and cannot be used for taxes, insurance, or estate valuations. If you’re looking for a formal appraisal, we’re happy to help point you in the right direction.

Yes, once both parties have signed the Consignment Contract, you are responsible for the transportation of your works to the gallery. We are happy to offer advice on the safe transport of your art.

As we tailor each contract to fit your needs, each consignment is unique. Terms, commissions, and sales strategy will be determined between you and a gallery director.

Together we agree upon a minimum selling price for each consigned work, terms and duration of consignment, as well as our statement of responsibility for consigned works in our possession.

Once your works arrive in the gallery, Ronin Gallery will assume liability for any loss or damage that occurs to your artwork while in our care.

Once we have received payment in full for your sold work, you will receive a check or a direct deposit to your designated account within approximately 30 days of the sale.

All personal details and submissions are strictly confidential.

Due to a high volume of requests, please submit your works online and wait to hear from a gallery director first. They will let you know if you need to bring in the works for further evaluation.

Photograph as much of your collection as you can and let us know in your email that you have a larger collection. We will reach out to you with next steps.

Yes! Please submit a representative selection of your work and a brief statement on why your work is a good fit for Ronin Gallery to collections@roningallery.com.

Ronin Gallery is obliged to report annually the total amounts paid to each US Tax Resident consignor. To complete the reporting, US consignors will need to submit a Form W-9 and all non-US consignors will need to submit a Form W-8BEN in addition to the consignment contract.

If you have a specific question or can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call at 212.688.0188 or send us an email at ronin@roningallery.com – a team member will be happy to help you.