Toshihide (1862 - 1925 )

Toshihide Migita initially worked under the name Toyohiko. He started off his career under the guidance of the Western-style painter Kunisawa Shikuro. In 1877, Toshihide began to study printmaking under Yoshitoshi. Toshihide’s best work is seen in his prints of the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars. These designs stand out from the work of his contemporaries, as Toshihide did turn to caricature, but granted the Chinese and Russian soldiers dignity. He also produced a very well-received series called Twelve Aspects of Beautiful Women in 1901. This series reflected the influence of Yoshitoshi, Toshihide Migita's teacher, and Yoshitoshi's similar 1888 series Thirty-Two Aspects of Women.

Meiji Period Prints (1868-1912)