Yoshiume (1819 - 1879 )

Yoshiume Utagawa was an Osaka-based ukiyo-e artist best known for his chuban-format actor prints. He also produced genre prints, landscapes, and illustrated books. According to the British Museum, his earliest known work, a yaskusha-e (actor print), dates to 1841. Born in Osaka, Yoshiume traveled to Edo in c.1847 to study under Kuniyoshi Utagawa. Roughly a decade later, Yoshiume returned home to Osaka, where he went on to found his own school and mentor many students. Other go (artist names) include "Ichiosai" and "Yabairo."

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Chushingura: Momoi Wakasanosuke


Chushingura: Momoi Wakasanosuke


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