Shuho (1898 - 1944 )

Shuho Yamakawa was a nihonga painter and woodblock print artist. Born in Kyoto as Yoshio Yamakawa, Shuho’s father worked as a fabric designer. Shuho began his career as a painter of kacho-ga, or “bird and flower pictures,” under the tutelage of Shuho Ikegami. He later joined the workshop of Kiyokata Kaburagi, where both Kotondo and Shinsui also studied, and shifted his focus to bijin-ga, or “pictures of beautiful women.” For example, his series Fujo yondai (Four Subjects of Women, 1927-28). Shuho’s paintings earned national acclaim at the ninth and eleventh Teiten exhibitions. While principally a painter, he completed woodblock print designs with both Watanabe and Bijutsu-sha.

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