Yeh, Lan (1955 - Present)

Born in Guanyun, Jiangsu, Yeh Lan attended Nanjing Art School where he studied early Chinese ink painting. He was particularly drawn to da xieyi, a traditional style focused on portraying the spirit of a subject rather than the details of its physical form. Yeh Lan forgoes the formulaic symbolism of traditional painting for more personal experiences and abstraction. Using vibrant color and varying texture, he presents a fresh interpretation of the bird-and-flower genre.

Yeh Lan’s work has been exhibited throughout China, won awards internationally, and can be found in prominent collections worldwide. Additionally, he has been featured in art journals such as Contemporary Artists and Calligraphers, as well as in special reports by both the China Central Television and the Jiangsu Television Station. Yeh Lan is a member of the China Artists Association and serves as Deputy Director of Jiangsu Province Chinese Painting Academy’s Institute of Bird and Flower Painting.

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Bird Standing On A Lotus

Yeh, Lan

Bird Standing On A Lotus