Yeh, Fang (1962 - Present)

Yeh Fang graduated from Suzhou College of Arts in 1983. Raised in the “Bi” garden in Suzhou, he evokes a lush, natural world through both his ink paintings and his intricately landscaped, classical Chinese gardens. As stated at the 53rd Biennale of Venice, “we can never tell which came first; the garden or the painting, or maybe they appeared together.” Whether in the form of a physical garden or an ink painting, Yeh Fang invites his guest into a dream, into a lyrical world of classical beauty. Though the gardens of his youth were largely destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, he seeks to express the “blossom realm in his heart” in a contemporary context. Employing an aerial perspective, Yeh Fang’s paintings offer a modern, meditative consideration of traditional Chinese art and architecture.


Critically acclaimed, his works have been exhibited worldwide. In 2003, he designed and completed Nan Shi Pi Ji, a modern garden in Suzhou. It was the tenth garden, following nine classical Suzhou gardens, to be recorded by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Yeh Fang also serves as a Senior Painter in the Suzhou Academy of Chinese Painting and a member of the Jiangsu Branch of the Association of Artists in China.

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Yeh, Fang

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