Ng, Cindy Sio Leng (1966 - Present)

An ink artist living and working in Beijing, Cindy Sio Leng Ng was born in Macao. She studied etching at the Academy of Visual Arts in Macao, however it wasn’t until 1992 that she discovered her true passion: ink. Discarding concrete forms and aesthetic convention, Cindy, in her own words, “lets water and ink splash and flow freely across huge sheets of paper, as if mountains, gullies and waves have all melted under the artists own will, and have been transformed into a series of poetic landscapes of her imagining.” Recently, she began explorations of new surfaces, innovating the use of traditional Chinese gloss on canvas in 2003, and branching into the realm of photography and video art in 2005. Whether employing traditional Chinese xuan, Western canvas, or the ever-developing technology of photography and videography, Cindy captures the beauty inherent in an ancient and fundamental medium. She has held numerous solo museum exhibitions in prestigious institutions, such as the Seattle Art Museum, as well as received awards internationally.

Contemporary Japanese Paintings & Drawings

From larger-than-life canvases to elegant hanging scrolls and nihonga, Ronin Gallery’s collection of contemporary art presents a range of contemporary paintings and original drawings.


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Ng, Cindy Sio Leng

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