Hashira-e: 18th Century Pillar Prints

The second half of the 18th century was the golden age of innovation in ukiyo-e. During this period, woodblock print artists experimented with a variety new techniques and sizes. In Hashira-e: 18th Century Pillar Prints, Ronin Gallery considers the enormous versatility and groundbreaking innovation of the artists working in the hashira-e format during the golden age.

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Kacho-e: Masterpieces of Birds, Flowers, and Insects

The specific tradition of kacho-e, which is most simply the depiction of flora and fauna, has a long visual and literary history. Imbued with metaphorical significance beyond their physical beauty, specific pairings of birds, flowers, and insects have formed the basis for a tradition that extends into the contemporary moment.

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Hashiguchi Goyo: Prints, Paintings & Drawings

Hashiguchi Goyo is a critically important Japanese artist of the early 20th century. This rare retrospective of Goyo's work provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into the process and progression of a modern genius.

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