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Madison Folks

Ink, Banditry, and Bushido: Introduction and the Hikeshi (Part 1)

The series Ink, Banditry and Bushido considers the contentious "champions of the common good." Learn about Edo period firefighters, or hikeshi, today.

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Musha-e: The Warriors of Ukiyo-e

From fierce samurai to legendary heroes, musha-e celebrate the Japanese warrior. Translating to "warrior pictures," this genre of ukiyo-e is marked by consistent fluidity between fact and fiction, truth and fable. As they conflate history, legend, literature and theater, these prints offer fantastic renderings of familiar characters from Japanese culture.

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Taboo: Ukiyo-e and the Japanese Tattoo eBook

Taboo: Ukiyo-e and the Japanese Tattoo explores the verboten world of irezumi (Japanese tattoo) across history and medium. The works of ukiyo-e masters Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi, Kunisada and Kunichika celebrate the world of tattoo during the Edo and Meiji periods, while the original paintings and drawings of the acclaimed master of tebori and tattoo art, Horiyoshi III, offers a current interpretation of the centuries-old tradition.

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Spirit Resonance: A New World of Chinese Ink Painting

Ronin Gallery is pleased to present a curated selection of seven of the most exciting ink artists in China today. Working in a rapidly changing society, each artist plants his or her roots deep within the spiritual, material and expressive past of ink, color and paper. From the ethereal to the vibrant, these artists present a contemporary understanding of a timeless spirit.

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Focus On: Hiroshige's Kinryuzan Temple at Asakusa

Quiet beneath a blanket of snow, Kinryuzan Temple rests at the end of the lane. The townspeople of Asakusa brave the cold, bundled up and huddled beneath umbrellas as they approach the temple.

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