Ideguchi, Yuki (1986-Present)

Lü Dongbin

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Ideguchi, Yuki (1986-Present)
Lü Dongbin
8" x 8"
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About the art

Material: Canvas, China Ink, Dye, Animal Glue, Pigment, Acrylic Paint, Copper, Gold


(born 796)

Japanese name: Ryo Douhin

He was a Tang Dynasty Chinese Scholar and poet who has been elevated to the status of an immortal in the Chinses cultural sphere, worshipped especially by the Taoist. Lü is one of the most widely known of the group of deities known as the Eith Immortals and considered by some to be the de facto leader. (The formal leader is more likely said to be Zhongli Quan or sometimes Iron-Crutch Li.) He is also a historical figure who was mentioned in the official history book “History of Song.” Lü is widely considered to be one of the earlist masters of the tradition of neidan, or internal lahcemy. He is depicted in art as being dressed as a schlor and he often bears a sword on his back that dispels evil spirits. 

About the artist

Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1986, Yuki Ideguchi received both a BFA (2007) and MFA (2013) in Japanese Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts. In his work, he blends traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary imagery and themes. Take, for example, his use of silver leaf. Rather than prepare the canvas with the expected blue undercoat, he paints the canvas a deep red, trading the coolness of traditional silver leaf for a palpable warmth.


Ideguchi has exhibited his Japanese art paintings throughout Japan since 2008. In 2011, he participated in The Asian Students and Young Artists Art Fair, held in Seoul, and was featured in the Asahi Shimbun’s Exhibition of Next Art. The following year, he received the Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program scholarship. By 2014, Ideguchi became active in the international art scene, presenting his works in numerous international exhibitions, including the Exhibition of Selected Japanese Artists held in Paris. That same year, Ideguchi moved to New York and became an active member of the city’s artistic vanguard.

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