Ideguchi, Yuki (1986-Present)

Jiang Ziya

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Ideguchi, Yuki (1986-Present)
Jiang Ziya
Even Though the World Has Changed
Painting on Paper
20.25" x 14.325"
Very fine condition

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About the art

Jiang Ziya also known by several other names, was a Chinese noble who helped kings Wen and Wu of Zhou overthrow the Shang in ancient China.

The first marquis of Qi bore the given name Shang. The nobility of ancient China bore two surnames, an ancestral name and a clan name. His were Jiang and Lü, respectively. He had two courtesy names, Shangfu and Ziya, which were used for respectful address by his peers. The names Jiand Shang and Jiang Ziya became the most common after their use in the popular Ming-era novel Fengshen Bang, written over 2,500 years after his death.

Following the elevation of Qi to a duchy, his posthumous name became the Great Duke of Qi, often mistakenly translated as if it were a name (“Duke Tai”). It is under this name that he appears in Sima Qian’s Records of the Grand Historian. He is also less often known as “Great Duke Jiang”, the “Hopeful Great Duke”, and the “Hopeful Lü”. 

About the artist

Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1986, Yuki Ideguchi received both a BFA (2007) and MFA (2013) in Japanese Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts. In his work, he blends traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary imagery and themes. Take, for example, his use of silver leaf. Rather than prepare the canvas with the expected blue undercoat, he paints the canvas a deep red, trading the coolness of traditional silver leaf for a palpable warmth.


Ideguchi has exhibited his Japanese art paintings throughout Japan since 2008. In 2011, he participated in The Asian Students and Young Artists Art Fair, held in Seoul, and was featured in the Asahi Shimbun’s Exhibition of Next Art. The following year, he received the Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program scholarship. By 2014, Ideguchi became active in the international art scene, presenting his works in numerous international exhibitions, including the Exhibition of Selected Japanese Artists held in Paris. That same year, Ideguchi moved to New York and became an active member of the city’s artistic vanguard.

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