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Haruyoshi (act. c. 1930-1950) View Works

Haruyoshi (or Shunho) was a print artist active during the 1930s through 1950s. Little is known about this artist. It is thought that Haruyoshi was a pseudonym signed to copy-cat impressions of famous print designs published by the Kyoto-based publisher Nobuhiko Baba. For example, when you compare Haruyoshi’s “Evening at Soemon-cho, Osaka” to Hasui’s “Evening at Soemon-cho in Osaka,” the heavy compositional borrowing is clear. While Haruyoshi changes some details in his 1938 print, the overall composition could be confused with Hasui’s famous 1933 design. The artist’s name can be read both as “Haruyoshi” and as “Shunho.”

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