Medium: Acrylic Painting
Date: 2015
Size (H x W): 63.75 x 51 (inches)
Condition: Very Fine Conditions



"We illustrate the existence of things we cannot see through various ways. I’ve continued to use circles in my work, which is a form often found in nature. The energy of the sacred spirits around us has a bright vivid color, that’s ever changing. This work portrays my current feelings." -OZ

About the artist

Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1986, OZ Keisuke Yamaguchi attended Nagano National College of Technology for Architecture in 2003. Following his graduation in 2007, he continued his education at Nagaoka Institute of Design, where he studied Architecture and the Environment. His focus has since shifted from architecture to painting. Yamaguchi has actively exhibited his contemporary paintings internationally since 2007. He was the inaugural winner of the 2016 Ronin | Globus Artist-in-Residence Program. Yamaguchi often integrates process and product in his live painting performances. From the live painting at the ruins of Ueda Castle in Nagano to Central Park in New York City, Yamaguchi’s original technique draws and enchants crowds. Recently, Keisuke Yamaguchi has found inspiration in ukiyo-e, carrying the spirit of the floating world into his contemporary paintings.