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Hiroshige II (1826 - 1869)

Craftsmanship at Daishigawara

Series: Pride of Edo: Thirty-six Scenes
Medium: Woodblock Print
Date: 1864
Size (H x W): 14.25 x 10 (inches)
Publisher: Hiranoya Shinzo (Aikindo)
Seals: Combined aratame and date seal, blockcutter seal
Signature: Hiroshige hitsu, Kio Toyokuni ga
Condition: Very good color and impression, faint red ink stain top left, lightly backed.



This print is a "double brush" design. The background was designed by Hiroshige II, while the foreground is from the brush of Toyokuni III.

About the artist

Hiroshige II, born Chimpei Morita, belonged to a family of firemen. The protégé of Hiroshige, Hiroshige II was adopted by this great ukiyo-e master in 1845. Hiroshige II used the name Shigenobu until his teacher's death in 1858. He soon married his teacher's daughter, Otatsu, and took the name Hiroshige II. Around 1865, he divorced his wife, and moved to Yokohama. During this time, he designed prints and painted tea boxes and lanterns to make a living under the names Shigenobu and Ryusho. In the years following his divorce, Hiroshige II stopped producing work. Over the course of his career, he used several different go including Hiroshige II, Ichiryusai, Ichiyusai, Kisai, Ryusai, Ryusho, and Shigenobu.